Become a master of delegation

For leaders and entrepreneurs chronic stress, fatigue and feeling overwhelmed point to one obvious and overlooked solution: you need to delegate. Delegation is a lot easier said than done because there is a definite art to letting go. Although entrusting employees with tasks you have been in charge of can be a struggle, a leader who can delegate effectively will be more successful than one who cannot.

Have a look at the tips below to show delegation whose boss.

Delegate the right tasks
Get organised and make the call on which of your responsibilities can be handed off to make your workload more manageable. Tasks that will allow your employees to grow in their specific roles or career allows the employee to perceive the new job as an opportunity not a chore.

Strike a balance in your follow up
Investing time in teaching the new skill will provide the most significant payoff. Once the education is complete, it is essential to check in to assess progress and performance. Avoid a frequency that will come across as micromanaging.

Give generous feedback
Praise often for a job well done and provide a useful critique to improve the performance of the task to make the hand-off smoother.

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