Developing a successful mentoring program

Spotting talent early and nurturing it will benefit your business by strengthening your staff and ensuring that high performing, high potential employees remain loyal to you.

Here are tips to develop a successful mentoring program.

Give it some thought
When developing your mentoring program, you need to establish your aim. Do you want the proteges to be long-standing members of your company? Do you want the program participants to gain leadership skills? Are you training them for a specific purpose? Once you have decided your aim consider:

  • The application process
  • Who is eligible (existing staff or external applicants)
  • What age and experience are you looking for (undergraduate or experienced in the industry)
  • Mentoring style
  • Who will mentor

Choosing your mentors
I should bestow extra responsibilities upon those employees that are not only able but willing. Announce the mentoring program to a select group of qualified employees and ask for volunteers. Train the suitable mentors in the style you would like. Encourage getting out of the office and a personal approach for a well-rounded sense of support.

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