Hire a virtual assistant

For those entrepreneurs building a brand new startup, hiring a virtual assistant as their first employee is a perfect way to delegate work when you do not yet have the budget to hire full-time staff or rent office space.

Having a virtual assistant on hand to complete operational tasks will allow you more time and energy to focus on growing your business, whether that be forming new business strategies, raising more capital or landing your first clients.

Consider outsourcing these tasks to your virtual assistant.

Handling routine and repetitive tasks
Outsource those small tasks that require you to take time out of your busy schedule to complete each week. These will be tasks that involve minimal teaching, so your virtual assistant can quickly pick them up and yet save you countless hours each week to focus on other matters.

Virtual receptionist
A virtual assistant can act as a virtual receptionist by completing your administrative tasks. This may include answering calls, booking appointments for clients, booking accommodation and flights when you need to travel for work, etc.

Building your online image
Save time by delegating a virtual assistant to research, write and publish content for your business’ social media and email campaigns.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be the perfect solution for an entrepreneur needing an assistant to help them with their workload for a specified period, usually with lower overhead.

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