How to deal with a toxic coworker

Chances are, at some stage of your working life, you have dealt with a coworker who is destructive to your sanity.

Toxic coworkers get in the way of productivity; bringing their negative energy and poor performance to the work environment. Working alongside a toxic coworker can impact your level of job satisfaction, the overall morale of your workplace, and ultimately, your health.

Consider the following tips to deal with a toxic coworker:

Look at the problem
Why is this coworker bothering you? Once you have a better understanding, you can work on ways to address the issue. It is quite possible that the coworker is not aware of their behaviour and the impact it is having on you.

Don’t take it personally
Observe your coworker’s behaviour from an objective angle. Most of the time, someone else’s actions are reflective of them not you. Rise above their behaviour and focus on yourself.

Establish boundaries
Learn when to say ‘no.’ It is important to be assertive, establish ground rules and communicate those rules with your coworker.

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